About Ridgecrest Academy

Ridgecrest Academy is Tennessee's only recovery high school that provides a safe and supportive educational environment for students who are committed to recovery from a substance use disorder.

Research indicates that 80-90% of high school students with substance use disorders relapse when returning to their former schools following treatment. In one recent study, 95% of students were offered drugs on their first day back to the same school. Ridgecrest provides an alternative program that has been proven to increase recovery and educational outcomes for recovering students.

As a recovery school, we provide these students with a high quality education alongside recovering peers, in a safe environment that is supportive of recovery.

Adolescents in recovery have better educational and recovery outcomes in an environment of peer support and accountability. They also learn best when instruction occurs within a small group of other recovering students.

At Ridgecrest we offer a full spectrum of educational, testing and consulting services to support our students and their families. We strive to foster a positive atmosphere in which our students engage in a first-rate educational experience, enhanced by support for each student’s recovery.

Our highest priority at Ridgecrest is remaining dedicated to our mission and to do everything possible to help each of our students succeed – one day at a time.

Ridgecrest Academy offers hope to teens in recovery