Tennessee's only recovery high school

Academic Resources

Ridgecrest Academy is designed as a customized learning program based upon each student’s specific talents, strengths needs and interests. Our instruction and academics meet or exceed the highest standards for meeting core curriculum federal guidelines.

Chromebooks: Each Ridgecrest student has a Chromebook to use while at our Academy in lieu of a personal laptop. The Chromebook is a laptop computer that uses the Google operating system and offers faster web access. It is simpler to use and more secure than traditional computers. Chromebooks are integrated with Google Apps for flexibility. Students can create and share their work, all of which is stored securely in the Cloud enabling students to access their work anywhere that they have a computing device with internet connection. Chromebooks must remain on site at all times. Our faculty will have access to each student’s Google Drive, in order to provide feedback and share all kinds of instructional resources with the students quickly and easily.