Ridgecrest Academy is a recovery school in which each student works within his or her own personalized learning environment, one that is customized to the unique needs of each student. This individualized approach prevents the student from becoming overwhelmed and enables each student to move ahead at his or her own pace.

Ridgecrest provides individualized instruction in all academic subjects and all grades through high school. To a great extent, Ridgecrest students can direct their own education, all while meeting required state standards and guidelines.

Although each student’s journey at Ridgecrest is individual and personalized, a collaborative partnership exists among multiple parties: student, parents, teachers and other professionals, as necessary and appropriate.

Ridgecrest offers a complete curriculum for each student in cooperation with Gateway Academy, a private educational company that specializes in customized individual learning programs for students with unique needs or circumstances. While our academics meet or exceed the highest standards for meeting core curriculum federal guidelines, we meet students where they are, and guide them gently to experience how capable they truly can be.

Our regular hours are from 9:45-3:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and our staff is available for the hours before and after school each day, and on Fridays, to provide extra support to students as needed, and to meet with parents.