Tennessee's only recovery high school


We believe learning is a partnership between the student, parents, teachers and other professionals as appropriate. In addition to our parent/student/teacher conferences, we are available throughout the week to meet with students, their parents and/or health professionals as needed to provide any needed support or guidance.

Attendance at the conferences held once per semester, and staying in touch by phone, email or in person, combined with our proprietary software, In The Loop and Think Wave, provide the basis for all parties, including the student, to work together as a team to support the recovery and academic goals of the student.

In the Loop: This innovative online communication system enables continuous monitoring, updates and feedback between and among all necessary parties on a 24/7 basis. We use this tool to guide our students to take responsibility for themselves as learners. In the Loop also provides students, parents and health professionals with weekly emails regarding progress and activity updates.

Thinkwave is our online administrative reporting tool for inputting assignments and grades. Students and parents will have access to this tool in order to view grades, completed assignments and class attendance. Checking in regularly allows all parties approved to have access to keep up with a student’s progress.